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Managing a Franchise Network

Operating a network of franchisees can occasionally have its challenges and franchisors often require ongoing legal support and advice. This can be from a positive perspective, such as when a franchisee wishes to renew their agreement for a further term; or for negative reasons,when a franchisee breaches the terms of their Franchise Agreement.

We provide support and assistance in all aspects of running a franchise operation. Some of the most common issues we advise on are:

  • advising on changes or variations to franchise agreements 

  • advising on the recruitment of franchisees 

  • drafting and issuing Breach Notices or Termination Notices

  • keeping franchisors compliant with applicable laws and the European Code of Ethics in franchising

  • advising on renewal of franchise agreements

  • drafting and negotiating releases with franchisees, where appropriate

  • advising on the establishment and operation of Franchisee Councils

  • advising on policies and procedures for inclusion in the Operations Manual

We are always on hand to assist clients with the operation of their network, advising on legal issues and general industry 'best practice'. We can do so on an "as needed" basis but also offer flexible fixed fee retainer packages to clients to provide ongoing support to their them and their network.

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