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A boutique commercial law firm with franchising at its heart

Established in 2019, we aim to be one of the leading sources of professional franchising advice in the UK.

We describe ourselves as being a "boutique" firm because, whilst we are small in size, we provide high quality services expertly tailored to our client's needs.  We have franchising at our heart but our services are by no means limited to franchising. We help clients with all manner of business and commercial legal needs.


Please see our 'Services' page which gives some examples of the work we undertake.

So, why should you use us for your legal needs? Here's why we think you should:

Experts in our Field - we are experts in franchising, it's the reason for our business. 

Qualified Franchise Professionals - our founder, Andrew Fraser, is accredited by the British Franchise Association as a 'Qualified Franchise Professional'. He is one of only a small number of lawyers in the UK to have been awarded this status.

BFA Affiliates - we are Affiliates of the British Franchise Association. This means that we have been assessed by the BFA and meet their detailed criteria for franchising lawyers.

Regulated - unlike the growing trend for non-regulated "legal service providers", we are a firm of solicitors regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. This gives you, our client, comfort that we are required to uphold the standards expected of solicitors and gives you the right to complain to the Law Society should we ever let you down...which we won't.

Cost Effective - we don't work from glass palaces in city centre locations, which means that you are not paying a premium to cover our rent and rates. We work on an agile basis and aim to meet you at your place of business to help us better understand your operations and your needs.

Price Certainty - we dislike "time recording" intensely. Why should you pay us more for something that takes us longer to do? What's the incentive for us to do a piece of work quickly? Instead, we like to provide a fixed-fee for all work that we undertake. 

Part of a wider community - we are part of a wider legal community and have friends and contacts dealing with all sorts of legal areas. If we can't help you, we would be delighted to introduce you to someone who can.


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