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Services for Franchisors

We pride ourselves on being experts in franchising. Whether you are an early stage business looking to grow through franchising, an established brand interested in franchising overseas, or a seasoned franchisor looking after lots of franchisees, we have the necessary skills and experience to help.


Franchising your Business

Thinking of franchising your business? This bit is for you!


Franchise Operations

Need advice on operating a franchise network and working with franchisees?


Franchise Resales

Franchisee looking to sell on their franchise? We can help you manage the sale.


International Franchising

Tomorrow, the World! How do you appoint a franchisee overseas?


Franchise Disputes

Prevention is better than cure...but not all disputes can be prevented. Find out more here.


Brand Protection

How to look after your brand, defend your rights and those of your franchisees!

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